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Severe viral infections in children

Children frequently suffer from viral infections. Mostly, these infections cause a relatively mild illness that quickly resolves. But sometimes viral infections lead to more serious disease, including hospital admission, long-term sequelae and death. We still do not completely understand why a virus infection leads to severe disease in one child and mild disease in another. Also, treatment protocols regarding severe viral infections often lack laboratory and clinical evidence. With our research activities, we aim to better understand the pathogenesis and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of severe viral infections in children.

Pieter Fraaij MD PhD is a Paediatric Infectious Disease consultant involved in day-to-day care of children with severe infections. Jeroen van Kampen MD PhD is a clinical microbiologist  involved in consultation on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of severe viral infections. This unique combination of backgrounds and professional environments allows them to set up and implement translational research activities, and initiate and coordinate interactions between scientific and clinical departments.


Ongoing research projects

  • Pathogenesis of severe acute respiratory tract infections and sepsis like illness in children (part of the PREPARE consortium)
  • Treatment of immunocompromised patients with viral infection
  • Phenotypic susceptibility of viruses to antiviral compounds in cell culture  


Selection of publications: