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Arboviruses are transmitted by arthropods, the most important ones being mosquitoes and ticks. Several viruses transmitted by mosquitoes have emerged in the past decades and other mosquito-borne viruses remain a threat to tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Also tick-borne infections are emerging in previously unaffected underling the threat posed by ticks and the importance to understand the factors that drives emergence of both mosquito- and tick-borne infections. Therefore, team of exotic viruses within the department of viroscience focuses on development of tools that allow prediction and fast response to new infections. However, understanding the factors that drive emergence of new viral diseases will not necessarily prevent their introduction, establishment and spread of. Consequently, effective reactive approaches are also necessary. The team of exotic viruses has the expertise and technologies to understand pathogenesis and develop safe and effective vaccines. For instance, recently we have identified potential pathways, which are involved in the pathogenesis of West Nile and Rabies virus, paving the way to development of novel treatment strategies.