About the department of Viroscience 

The Department of Viroscience of the Erasmus MC is an international centre of excellence for multidisciplinary, basic, translational and clinical research of viruses and virus infections at the molecular, patient and population level.
The unique aspect of the Department of Viroscience is its translational approach, with expertise ranging from basic virology to clinical virology, connecting medical and veterinary health, public health and ecology. By combining these complementary areas of expertise The Department of Viroscience is able to meet today's and tomorrow's societal challenges in diseases caused by common and newly emerging viruses.

Global impact of the department of Viroscience

  • Discovery of the human metapneumovirus, MERS CoV, and others
  • The identification of camels as the reservoir for MERS CoV
  • Basic insights into how avian in uenza viruses and other zoonoses cause diseases in humans
  • Unravelling how avian influenza viruses can become transmissible for humans
  • Discovery of mechanism of norovirus evolution and its impact on population health
  • Support to WHO as collaborating centre for emerging viral infections
  • And many more

About new emerging viral infections

Viral infections like Ebola, MERS and SARS continue to be among the leading causes of illness and death across the world.
They threaten the health of the global population if they are not rapidly detected and contained.They threaten the health of the global population if they are not rapidly detected and contained.
Besides known viruses, new viruses continue to emerge due to rapid demographic changes over the past decades, as well as globalization of travel and trade? Zika virus is a recent example.
Vaccines may have been developed for known viruses, however ageing of the population, and treatment strategies of persons with complex comorbidities, such as an impaired immune system, have also led to novel challenges in prevention and treatment. Common viral infections may have a severe impact on these patients in terms of morbidity, quality of life and on a community level in health care cost.
Fields of Expertise
Our areas of research are as follows: