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Viruskenner; Knowledge as antidote

Viruskenner, an international innovative and creative education and communication project for the next generation, promoting knowledge and awareness about  prevention and control of infectious diseases. The ultimate goal is to spread the knowledge necessary to reach behaviour change the corner stone of infectious disease prevention.

During the project you are challenged to define the key message [= knowledge] to prevent the spread of infectious diseases [= societal impact] and find creative and innovative tools to spread the message [= creativity and innovation].

Despite improved sanitation and the availability of effective antibiotics and vaccines, infectious diseases are still a major cause of disability, death and socio-economical decline for millions of people all over the world. In outbreak situations with old or new infections we are encountered with the reality that for the majority of infections a vaccine as well as targeted therapy still are not available.  This means that prevention is essential and public education, communication, awareness and responsibility are the corner stones in infectious diseases prevention and control.

How to involve the next generation In finding innovative solutions to prevent outbreaks and prevent the [social] impact of infectious diseases.

Key terms

  1. Infectious diseases, outbreaks and prevention
  2. Knowledge, awareness, attitude and behaviour change
  3. Creativity and innovation
  4. Societal impact and responsibility
  5. Next generation

Viruskenner [www.viruskenner.nl] is an international innovative and creative education and communication project for the next generation students. Viruskenner , promotes knowledge and awareness about  prevention of infectious diseases with the ultimate goal to reach behaviour change necessary for prevention .

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