logo EVAgEVAg is the European Virus Archive: a non profit organisation that mobilises a global network with expertise in virology to collect, amplify, characterize, standardize, authenticate, distribute, track  and collect viruses and derived products.   

EVAg is dedicated to the characterization, conservation, production, distribution and characterisation of biological materials in the field of virology.For that purpose, EVAg maintains high control standards and develops appropriate methods directly relevant to human and animal virology. The EVAg consortium also ensures:

  • that materials are supplied non-profitably or at cost to all bona fide applicants,
  • that biosafety and security measures are appropriately addressed by the supplying and recipient labs,
  • that the available materials meet the highest scientific standards in terms of quality and characterization,
  • that the property of the provided materials remains with the originators.

The Department of Virology of the Erasmus MC is core-partner of EVAg.

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