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EMPERIE (closed)


SARS and Swine Flu are two examples of diseases that have jumped from the animal world to humans. And as both examples demonstrated, such diseases can have a heavy impact on human health, precisely because the diseases are quite new to us.

In fact, there are now nearly 40 infectious diseases in humans that were not known a generation ago. Many known infectious diseases that were thought to be under control have re-emerged. A more effective approach to new viral epidemics is hence essential, now more than ever. The research project EMPERIE, short for European Management Platform for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious disease Entities, has brought together international experts of different disciplines in an efficient and decisive collaborative network. It was funded by the Directorate General Research & Innovation of the European Commission (EC) in the Framework Programme 7. The project formally ended in June 2014.

Interested in the outcomes of the project? Please read the journal with some of the project's most remarkable and essential achievements. Over the past five years, EMPERIE has created a network of European laboratories of excellence with the best technologies, knowledge, and complementarity possible. This newly assembled consortium has been and still is able to analyse emerging and re-emerging viruses in real time, an exceptional contribution to enhanced public health protection in Europe.

Outcomes of EMPERIE: Journal

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