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Ebola Labs (closed)

Ebola treatment center

Fast and reliable laboratory diagnostics are essential in the fight against Ebola. The Dutch government has funded three mobile laboratories, co-organized by the Viroscience Department of the Erasmus Medical Center.

Ebola can be easily controlled by isolating infected persons as early as possible after onset of symptoms (aim within two days according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and monitor the contacts of these persons during three weeks (incubation period 2-21 days) and at the onset of symptoms also isolate these contacts (aim WHO: all new patients are known contacts so no more unknown transmissions).

For this, fast and reliable laboratory diagnostics are essential. An important  cornerstone in the international response was the set up of local Ebola virus laboratories. In February 2015, 27 international laboratories were active in three countries, including three mobile laboratories funded and co-organized by the Dutch government.

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