Logo Virgo-grThe Virgo consortium is a public private partnership of 26 research groups affiliated to 9 academic institutions and research organisations and 10 private sector companies. It is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Health (VWS) through the FES instrument (2011-2016) and the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI, 2011-2013).

Virgo has made a huge step forward in the rational approach to virus control. The success of vaccines in the past was often due to trial and error, but this strategy is no longer always effective. Within Virgo we have focused on technology for the discovery of new viruses and on research into the virus-host-interaction, while looking closely into the cycle as a whole - from the infection by a virus up to and including the host's response at the molecular level.

Some of the highlights of the VIRGO research are now available in a series of fun and inspiring articles about viral infections:
The book highlights some of the remarkable research by the consortium.

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