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2016 - January - March

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  • Start Viruskenner in Indonesia

    Today, the 23rd of March, Viruskenner 2016 started in Indonesia! With an interesting program including speakers from Dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya as well as from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam we introduced the current 10th grade students from high school SMA Negeri 16 in the field of viruses.

    gepubliceerd: 24 maart 2016

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  • Focus on Zika virus

    Experts from the Departments of Virology, Neurology and Intensive Care at Erasmus MC are closely involved in the international research efforts into the Zika virus.

    gepubliceerd: 9 februari 2016

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  • Dutch academic institutions combine research into infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance

    Establishment of National Centre for One Health. Antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases such as zika, bird flu and Q fever are having an increasingly large impact on humans and animals, particularly in a densely populated country like the Netherlands.

    gepubliceerd: 8 februari 2016

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  • Potvissen waren uitgehongerd

    Judith van de Brand DVM PhD en Lineke Begeman van ons lab hebben meegewerkt aan het onderzoek naar de doodsoorzaak van de gestrande potvissen op Texel.

    gepubliceerd: 15 januari 2016

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