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Noronet is an informal network of scientists working in public health institutes or universities sharing virological, epidemiological and molecular data on the norovirus.

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With growing awareness of the impact of norovirus infection, and growing knowledge contributing to possible containment measures, the need for early recognition and warning equally grows.

The Department of Virology of the Erasmus MC is partner of NoroNet. It has been established in 1999 by prof. Marion Koopmans, when she was working for the Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM). Prof. Marion Koopmans is currently leading the Department of Virology of the Erasmus MC.

The aim of Noronet is to enlarge the knowledge on geographical and temporal trends in the emergence and spread of Norovirus variants, thus limiting the impact and scale of future Norovirus epidemics. A second aim is the design of a well founded standardized nomenclature for existing and emerging Norovirus genotypes and variants or sub-lineages.

The network maintains a shared database accessible via the Internet for data entry, sharing and analysis. By prospectively sharing information on Norovirus activity the NoroNet can chart the global spread, recognize changes in circulating strains and possible changes in the epidemiology of the virus and thus potentially predict epidemic seasons.

Want to know more about the NoroNet?
Contact Prof. Marion Koopmans: contact
Or visit www.noronet.nl

Norovirus wereldwijd in kaart
The norovirus, that causes worldwide 685 miljon gastrointestinal infections, appears just like the influenzavirus in many variëties and changes continuesly.
 Read more (in Dutch) about the Global Noronet : Noro in kaart.

Fluid Matter presents the winning projects of the Bio Art and Design Award 2016, developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences, alongside several recent works that share a dimension of fluidity

Pei-Ying Lin developed 'Tame is to Tame' in collaboration with Miranda de Graaf from the Erasmus MC Viroscience Lab.

tam-4 tam-3

tam-1 tam-2

Tame is to Tame teaser

'Tame is to Tame' is a conceptual dance between humans and viruses that explores an alternative relationship between the two beings. It proposes a new way of looking at invisible and inanimate viruses and seeks to redefine the cultural definition of human and individualism.

Tame is to Tame is based on norovirus research performed within the VIRGO consortium and Noronet.

Where: MU
When: 2 December 2016 - 26 February 2017