Contact and directions

Contact information:

Department of Urology, Experimental Urology Research Laboratory
Josephine Nefkens Institute, Be 362a
Erasmus MC
P.O. Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone (lab): +31-10-704 3983
fax: +31-10-704 4661

Visiting address:
Dr. Molewaterplein 50
3015 GE Rotterdam

For more information, please visit the Erasmus MC website ( and the Rotterdam website ( Maps of the Erasmus MC and directions can be downloaded from here

Directions to Josephine Nefkens Institute, Department of Urology, Erasmus MC (Centrum location).












1. Map of
Rotterdam Centrum. Arrows point to Rotterdam Central Station (train) and Metro station Dijkzigt, which is directly north of the Erasmus MC.

Public transportation:
From Rotterdam Central Station (train), take the metro in the direction of Slinge or Spijkenisse. Alight at the 2nd station (Beurs) and transfer to the Calandlijn in the direction of Spijkenisse or Schiedam Centrum. After transferring, alight at the 2nd station (Dijkzigt) (see Map 1). Special tickets are required to travel by metro. You can also walk from Rotterdam Central Station to the Erasmus MC. This takes about 20 minutes. Taxis will be available at Rotterdam Central Station (about a 10 minute drive).
Outside metro station Dijkzigt, to the south you will see a 24-storeys high white flat with Erasmus MC on top. This is the Erasmus MC Hoboken faculty building and the building through which the Josephine Nefkens Institute (JNI) can be reached (see Map 2). The entrance of the Erasmus MC Hoboken faculty building can be reached via elevators at the entrance of AZR-Sophia (see map 2) or via the first and second floor parking garage directly under the 24-storeys high white flat. On the third floor, follow the signs 'Josephine Nefkens Institute (JNI, Be-building)'. You will reach the Josephine Nefkens Institute through a bridge on the third floor (see Map 3). Dr. Jenster's room is located on the same third floor: Be362a. In the middle of the JNI building are the elevators to get to the fourth (Be425/Be456) and second floor (Pathology).















2. Map of Erasmus MC complex. Please note that top of map is south.










3. Map of Erasmus MC Hoboken complex. Entrance of the building is on the third floor (number 1). Walk though the building to the Josphine Nefkens Institute (Be-building). Please note that top of map is south.

By car:
For parking, please use the visitor/patient parking garage entrance at the Westzeedijk (number 2 on map 2).