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Name Place Phone Email address
Prof. dr. Chris Bangma
Chairman of Urology
Na-1514 010-7033607 h.j.vanalphen(_at_)
Prof. dr. ir. Guido Jenster
Professor of Experimental Urological Oncology
Be-362a 010-7043672 g.jenster(_at_)
Dr. Ir. Wytske van Weerden
Associate Professor
Be-362 010-7043674 w.vanweerden(_at_)
Diana Brusik-van Houten
Be-355 010-7043675 d.brusik-vanhouten(_at_)
Elena Martens
Assistant Professor
Be-330 010-7043922 e.martens(_at_)
Wilma Teubel
Head research technician
Be-355 010-7043983 w.teubel(_at_)
Natasja Dits
Research technician
Be-355 010-7043983 n.dits(_at_)
Sigrun Erkens-Schulz
Research technician
Be-355 010-7043983 s.erkens-schulze(_at_)
Corrina de Ridder
Research technician
Be-355b 010-7043670 c.deridder(_at_)
Debra Stuurman
Research technician
Be-355b 010-7043670 d.stuurman(_at_)
Joke Veldhoven-Zweistra
Research technician
Be-355 010-7043983 j.zweistra(_at_)
Mirella Vredenbregt-van den Berg
Research technician
Be-355 010-7043983 m.s.vandenberg(_at_)