Research Topics

Prostate Cancer, Pediatric Urology, Male Infertality

Prostate Cancer

Guido Jenster, Ph.D.
Genes responsible for prostate cancer progression and diagnostic and prognostic cancer markers
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Wytske van Weerden, Ph.D.
Model systems for studying disease progression, imaging and new drugs for prostate cancer

Robert Kraaij, Ph.D. and Prof. Chris Bangma, Ph.D.
Prostate cancer gene therapy and novel targets for therapy and imaging

Ellen Schenk, Ph.D.
Project and database management and research efforts in consortium grants (PROCABIO, PRIAS, P-MARK, ProspeR, ERSPC, GIANT, CANCURE, PRIMA, PRO-NEST)
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ediatric Urology

Dik Kok, Ph.D.
Bladder infection and obstructions in children and adults


Male Infertility

Hans Romijn, Ph.D.

Prostasomes and their role in fertility