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Career opportunities

Determine your on career.

Medewerkers Thoraxcentrum 

We have no clearly defined career patterns here.
You are then in principle free to direct your own development in consultation with your manager. We aim to create a climate in which employees can develop their talents to the optimum. You can largely make your own choices for the future, based on your knowledge, experience, skills and personality. The great variety of opportunities that we can offer here make the Thoraxcenter an attractive employer.
You can quickly be given responsibility, so we are looking for enterprising people who can take the initiative and make the most of opportunities, who are purposeful and want to give free reign to their resourcefulness in our organization. With us you get to know your strong and weak sides, but also to move your boundaries so that you can grow, professionally and personally. We cannot say at this stage how that will work out for you. That is up to you, but we will be pleased to help you in this; just as you will also be challenged to help your colleagues grow.
We are looking for enterprising colleagues who have the courage to take responsibility. In addition you have an independent attitude, work well with your colleagues and know how to make the most of your opportunities. Absolute requirements are that you have completed your secondary (MBO) or higher (HBO) vocational or scientific education (preferably in health care) and have an affinity with cardiovascular diseases. You are challenged by complexity and have the courage to take responsibility.

The choice of a particular unit and position within the Thoraxcenter depends partly on your training, but as far as we are concerned may not be related to your future career opportunities. Your preference and ambition are decisive. An initial choice of a position does not mean that you are 'stuck' with this for the rest of your life. Switching is possible and in certain situations is also encouraged.