Top centrum voor patiënten met aandoeningen aan de 'thorax' (borstholte)

The Thoraxcenter of the Erasmus MC was founded in 1968 by a cardiologist, a surgeon and an engineer. Together they created an integrated approach to Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery. The Thoraxcenter consists of the Department of Pulmonology (since 2012), the Department of Cardiology, and the Department of Thoracic Surgery. The Thoraxcenter treats patients with diseases in the thorax and the chest. Organs within the thorax include the heart, the lungs, the large blood vessels in the chest and the trachea. The staff of the Thoraxcenter strive for excellence, national and international, in their focus on patient care, education and scientific research across all three disciplines.

Date published: 2 July 2018

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