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Dr. Kim van der Heiden

Biomechanics Laboratory


Dr. Kim van der Heiden

Research area: Biomechanics

Publications:      k.vanderheiden

Office:    Ee2342
Tel:        +31 (0)10 7038166
Fax:       +31 (0)10 7044720
Email:    k.vanderheiden@erasmusmc.nl


Kim van der Heiden is an Assistant Professor in Vascular Biology at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Thorax Center, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. Her research focuses on in vivo and in vitro studies into the mechanically-induced biological mechanisms behind atherosclerotic plaque formation, destabilization, and rupture. She is currently working on techniques to  - link image-based shear stress calculations to atherosclerotic plaque composition and signalling pathways in the endothelial cells - and to (pre)clinically test new radiopharmaceutical ligands for non-invasive detection of atherosclerosis. These developments are carried out in close collaboration with the Department of Experimental Cardiology, the Department of Nuclear Medicine, and with clinicians of the Department of Cardiology.

She obtained an MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2003 at the VU University of Amsterdam and subsequently did her graduate research on endothelial shear stress sensing at Leiden University Medical Center, receiving her PhD degree in 2008. Between 2008 and 2010, she worked on shear stress-induced activation of pro/anti-inflammatory signalling pathways in the endothelium at Imperial College London. In 2010, she joined the Thorax Center as a post-doc and was appointed as a staff member in 2013.

She is board member of Young ICIN-Netherlands Heart Institute scientific council (www.ICIN.nl/young) and co-organizer of the International Conference on Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Disease (www.shearstresssymposium.nl).

Curriculum Vitae van K. van der Heiden [click here]



influence of shear stress on plaque destabilization in mice carotid arteries