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Dr.ir. Jolanda Wentzel

Head Biomechanics Laboratory

jolanda wentzel


Dr.ir. Jolanda Wentzel

Research area: Biomechanics

Publications:      j.wentzel

Office:    Ee2342a
Tel:        +31 (0)10 7044044
Fax:       +31 (0)10 7044720
Email:    j.wentzel@erasmusmc.nl





prediction of events based on biomechanical parameters

shear stress

plaque mechanics

development of patient specific 3D reconstructions


Jolanda Wentzel is associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Thorax Center, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam and leads the Biomechanics Laboratory. The research of the Biomechanics Laboratory focuses on studying the effect of mechanical stresses (shear stress and wall stress) on the generation, progression, destabilization and rupture of atherosclerotic plaques. Insight in these processes helps to improve selection, diagnosis and treatment of patients with atherosclerosis. The research covers these aspects from bench-to-bedside, including cell studies, animal experiments and patient studies investigating mainly the carotid and coronary arteries. For that purpose state-of-the-art finite element modeling is combined with the latest non-invasive, molecular, and intravascular imaging modalities next to 3D histological processing techniques. Currently, automatic methods are developed to assess biomechanical parameters (shear stress and wall stress) in a population based setting to be used for risk prediction on cardiovascular events.


Jolanda Wentzel has been working on blood flow related pathology since 1995 and obtained her PhD at the ErasmusMC with a thesis on modelling of blood flow in atherosclerotic human coronary arteries entitled “shear stress and the vessel wall’’. Thereafter, she carried out a Post-Doctoral research project at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine NY USA supervised by Dr V. Fuster. In that period she performed MRI based research on flow related plaque build-up in aortic arteries. She received a number of grants from different national and international funding agencies, among others the prestigious ERC consolidator grant. Dr. Wentzel is (co-)author of approximately 100 scientific peer reviewed papers, 9 book chapters and one of the founders and organizers of the annual International symposium on Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Disease.