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Dr. Wang, T. (Tianshi)

Development of Heartbeat Optical Coherence Tomography

Dr. Wang, T. (Tianshi)

Research area: Development of Heartbeat Optical Coherence Tomography


Office:    Ee2322
Tel:        +31 (0)10 7043308
Fax:       +31 (0)10 7044720
Email:    t.wang.1@erasmusmc.nl    



Developping a new generation of IV-OCT system, so called "Heartbeat OCT".

Tianshi Wang acquired his PhD degree in Medicine from Department of Biomedical Engineering in Erasmus MC, Rotterdam in March, 2015. Before he came to the Netherlands, he studied Physics and acquired the BSc and MSc degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. His research focuses on the development of novel interventional cardiovascular imaging techniques.

During his PhD research, he co-invented "Heartbeat Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)". Heartbeat OCT is a new modality of intravascular OCT that achieves an in vivo imaging speed of 4000 frames/s. It is >25 times faster than any other interventional imaging technique.

As Heartbeat OCT set a new record of the speed, it arouses a lot of attention and has been reported by public social media such as NOS (National TV of Netherlands), NL-times, and Voice of America. Currently, he is driving the project of Heartbeat OCT towards human application and commercialization, together with Terumo Medical Corporation and Kinetron BV. In parallel, he is also exploring vulnerable plaque detection using elastography technique.