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Bladder volume assessment method

Design and implementation of a new bladder volume assessment method.

Researchers: Egon Merks, Nicolaas Bom, Nico de Jong, Ton van der Steen

In several clinical situations, i.e. the intensive care, the recovery room, and the urology department, it is often necessary to know the bladder filling. Catheterisation is the golden standard for bladder volume assessment due to its accuracy and reliability. However, it has major disadvantages. Besides the fact that catheterisation is not comfortable for the patient, it is invasive and might produce infections and traumas. In an attempt to reduce the number of catheterisations, thus reducing the chance of infections, alternative measurement techniques are addressed. One possibility is the use of ultrasound. 

A device called “Bladderscan™” by the company Diagnostic Ultrasound Corp. (DxU) is specifically developed for bladder volume assessment with ultrasound. It is non-invasive and is claimed to be as accurate as catheterisation.

Although the BladderScan™ is extremely useful within the clinic, it is less suitable for personal use due to complex handling and device cost. To make bladder volume assessment suitable for personal use, new ultrasound techniques are being investigated at the Biomedical Engineering department from the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.