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Collaboration & Partners

Multidisciplinary collaboration
The care of sarcoidosis patients is in the hands of our team-specialists. Patients can trust on the professional skills and our expertise center. All doctors within the Sarcoidosis center have a special focus on the disease within their specific medical discipline. This is the strength of patientcare in the Sarcoidosis Center. After all, together we know more..
After the diagnosis of sarcoidosis has been established, we discuss the treatment plan with the patient thoroughly. In our perspective it is of paramount importance that we actively involve the patient in the decision making process and incorporate their personal needs and requirements wherever possible. Together we make a choice about the individual treatment plan.

Nationwide collaboration
Our Sarcoidosis Center intensively communicates with specialists in other hospitals, such as the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. These hospitals refer their sarcoidosis patients to our hospital for diagnosis, treatment and check-ups. In addition, we effectively work  together with other hospitals on sarcoidosis research. For instance, we are collaborating with Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Ikazia hospital, Aphia hospital, Atrium Medical Center Haaglanden-Westeinde.

International collaboration
To improve  diagnostics and to develop new treatment , we set up worldwide partnerships. We firmly believe this is the best approach to perform groundbreaking research.