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We highly value scientific research, which is represented in the several ongoing studies on sarcoidosis in our center. This way, we make sure there is ongoing improvement of the care we offer our patients.

Current research
The focus of our expertise center is scientific research on the sarcoidosis. Within the Sarcoidosis Center we have four PhD who publish research results in highly valued(medical) journals.  The comprehensive number of sarcoidosis patients we welcome and follow up at the Erasmus MC hospital enables us perform accurate research
Current studies on Sarcoidosis:

  • Study on the best treatment plan with prednisone in pulmonary (lung-) sarcoidosis
    We conduct research on the best Prednison dosing  and  treatment of patients with lung-sarcoidosis. We use home-monitoring on long function to determine the optimal Prednison dosing and biomarker research. This study is conducted in collaboration with the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis and the Ikazia hospital.
  • Study:  the onset of sarcoidosis and specific cells (T-cells)
    We perform research on the role of T-cells in the onset of sarcoidosis. During diagnostic biopsy we take tissue samples to determine the specific role of T-cells. We follow these patients over a longer period of time after the diagnosis.  This research is being conducted in collaboration with the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis and the Ikazia hospital.
  • Research on the onset of sarcoidosis and specific defender cells (B-cells)
    We study Our B-cells, host defense cells found in the human body. The results of this research could potentially result in the development of new treatment methods. We determine the quantity of B-cells in  blood or tissue of patients that with active sarcoidosis. This enables us to follow treatment effects.
  • Research on the effect of TNFα-inhibitors
    We study sarcoidosis patients that use TNFα -inhibitors before and during their treatment. Through measurement of cells in the patient's blood (B-cells) we hope to better predict the treatment  response in the future.   Research on the effect of Sandostatin
    In this study. we treat patients with chronic sarcoidosis for six months with Sandostatine. The cells involved in sarcoidosis inflammation produce a protein that binds to sandostatin. We study the effect of binding this protein to the sandostatin.
  • Research on fatigue
    Patients with sarcoidosis often complain of fatigue. The cause of this symptom is unknown. We study fatigue by measuring the  various degradation products of metabolism processes found in urine. We hope to gain insight into the processes that cause chronic fatigue in sarcoidosis.