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Treatment Team

Treatment Team
Every doctor within the expertise center has comprehensive knowledge and experience on his or her medical discipline with a special focus on sarcoidosis. The Department of Pulmonology and  the Department of Immunology lead the sarcoidosis team. In all stages of care for the patients in our center, these are the doctors involved:

The pulmonary doctors focus on the diagnosis  and treatment of sarcoidosis in the respiratory system, including the lungs.

    Dr. L.M. van den Toorn, longarts

Dr. L.M. van den Toorn, pulmonologist 

    Dr. M. Wijsenbeek-Lourens, longarts 

Dr. M.S. Wijsenbeek, pulmonologist

       Drs. J.R. Miedema, longarts

Drs. J.R. Miedema, pulmonologist 

  Dr. K.A.T. Boomars, longarts

Dr. K.A.T. Boomars, pulmonologist

Immunology is part of the Internal Medicine Department.
The immunologists monitor the entire body with a focus on sarcoidosis in tissue outside the lung.

Prof. Dr. P.M. van Hagen, internist-immunoloog

Prof. Dr. P.M.  van Hagen,

   Dr. J.A.M. van Laar, internist-immunoloog

Dr. J.A.M.  van Laar,

   Dr. V.A.S.H. Dalm, internist-klinisch immunoloog

Dr. V.A.S.H. Dalm,
clinical immunologist

   Dr. P.L.A. van Daele, internist-immunoloog

Dr. P.L.A. van Daele,

The dermatologist is an expert in the field of skin symptoms that occur with the sarcoidosis disease.

Dr. H.B. Thio, dermatoloog Dr. H.B. Thio, dermatologist

The neurologist of the Sarcoidosis team is involved with the treatment of patients with neurological symptoms (neurosarcoidosis).
Examples are nerve pain, loss of sensation or muscle strength.

Drs. T.A.M. Siepman, neuroloog Drs. T.A.M. Siepman, neurologist

Eye Doctor
Sarcoidosis can affect the eyes, giving blurry vision, loss of sight, burning/ dry or sore eyes.
In either one of these cases the eye doctor will be involved with the treatment.

Drs. J. de Hoog, oogarts Drs. J. de Hoog, oogarts

In case of sarcoidosis of the heart (cardiac sarcoidosis), the cardiologist will join the treatment team with her specific expertise.

Dr. Michels, cardioloogDr. Michels, cardiologist

Specialized nurses
N.Tak-v Jaarsveld_Y.Gür-Demirel, verpleegkundig consulenten longziekten

Mw. N. Tak-van Jaarsveld, specialized nurse (left)
Mw. Y. Gür-Demirel, specialized nurse (right)