Het Erasmus MC biedt een breed scala aan opleidingen en trainingen voor (toekomstige) biomedische onderzoekers.

Erasmus MC has a coherent policy on scouting, acquiring, developing and fostering talented students and scientists. We start our scouting and coaching by selecting twenty last-year high school students for entry in the Junior Med School. They are offered a program in medicine and science to motivate them to being the MD-PhDs of the future. By programs such as the Junior Med School, Erasmus MC selects up to 50% of the starting MD students on the basis of specific achievements. After the MD bachelor, the top 10% of medical students is selected for a scholarship in one of the Erasmus MC Graduate School Research Master’s Programs. Many of these Research Master graduates continue scientific training in a PhD research project.
Our commitment does not stop when students obtain their degrees. Afterwards, Erasmus MC actively facilitates researchers in applying for grants, including the prestigious Veni, Vidi, Vici programs of the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO). Erasmus MC also has different kinds of internal grants, such as the Erasmus MC Fellowship, for which postdocs may apply. An academic career at Erasmus MC includes steps from assistant professor via associate professor to full professor. For a career in science, qualifications for teaching, research and management are required. A career committee decides upon an application for becoming an associate professor and a specially installed professorship committee evaluates for the nomination of a candidate for becoming a full professor.