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Research Annual Report 2012

A hard copy can be ordered by sending an e-mail to research@erasmusmc.nl
Read a brief introduction here (PDF)

research annual report 2012

Introduction (all links are links to PDF files)

Cardiovascular Research School (COEUR)
Medical Genetics Center (MGC)
Molecular Medicine (MM)
Muscoloskeletal Science Center (MUSC)
Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES)
Neuroscience (ONWAR)

Other Research


Explanation of abbreviations
· Fte    full time equivalent
· SP1   fte scientific personnel 1st budget source
· SP2   fte scientific personnel 2nd budget source
· SP3   fte scientific personnel 3rd budget source
· SP4   fte scientific personnel 4th budget source
· SPtot total fte scientific personnel
· T1     thesis PhD; graduation internal, research internal
· T2     thesis PhD; graduation internal, research external
· T3     thesis PhD, graduation external, research internal
· IS      international scientific publications in prominent journals with an impact factor
· FS     international scientific publications in journals with expectations of obtaining an impact factor and further scientific publications
· OP    other publications
· Ptot   total number of publications