Medical Delta

Medical Delta’s goal is to develop and implement new technology for a more personalized healthcare approach, one which contributes to effective treatment, quick recovery, or the prevention of disease manifestation.

Beeldmerk Medical Delta Health Science & Technology

Medical Delta is a consortium of excellent universities, medical schools business parks, incubators, companies and regional government situated in the West of the Netherlands. In this economically most important and dense populated area of the Netherlands the Delft University of Technology, Erasmus Medical Centre, Erasmus University, Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center started a cooperation in 2006 focussed at medical technology research and implementation.
The rationale for fortifying the existing modest cooperation was the believe that with these top institutes within such a  small area (14 km radius) and complementary strengths the institutes can make a difference in healthcare for the public as well as in economical impact for the Netherlands and Europe. All five knowledge institutes rank among the highest of their peer institutes world wide and especially by focussing in certain medical technology areas a world leading position can be claimed.
The consortium realized that besides the firm knowledge basis also the integration with other stakeholders such as companies, business parks and the local government was of the highest importance in order to realize an exiting and attractive medical technology cluster (the Triple Helix rationale). Therefore many joint activities, integration instruments and cooperation agreements have been initiated within the Medical Delta. This Region of Knowledge proposal adds another chapter to the Medical Delta activities and is an important step towards joint international integration of our activities. We intend to stimulate strongly joint research, business opportunities and entrepreneurial awareness with the other regions.

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