Ellen Schenk-Braat


Ellen Schenk received her PhD in 1999 at the University of Leiden. After working for three years as a scientist at Pharming Technologies B.V., she moved to Erasmus MC in 2002 to join the Department of Urology as a scientific project manager. Till 2013, she was responsible for the management of various European, national and local prostate cancer research projects. In August 2013, she became the head of the Grant Support Office within the Research Office Sophia, providing funding support to scientists within theme Sophia with a main focus on Horizon 2020. Since 1 November 2016, she is Coordinator Funding EU at the Research Development Office. Ellen is Working Group leader in the COST Targeted Network BESTPRAC “The Voice of Research Administrators – Building a Network of Administrative Excellence, and member of the steering team of EUPMAN, the EU Project Managers Association in The Netherlands.