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Cover PhD thesis Eka BudiartoEka Budiarto 
Modeling geometrical uncertainties for radiotherapy plan optimization without margins
Cover PhD thesis Nicolaas HermansNicolaas Hermans
Reflections on the Mechanism of DNA Mismatch Repair
Cover PhD thesis Rozilawati Binti AhmadRozilawati Binti Ahmad 
Personalized Management of Complex Anatomy Variations in Cervical Cancer IMRT
Cover PhD thesis Peter VoetPeter Willy JosephusVoet 
Automation of Contouring and Planning in Radiotherapy
Cover PhD thesis Natasja RamnathNatasja Ramnath  
Molecular Pathogenesis of Fibulin-4 Associated Aortic Aneurysms
Cover PhD thesis Eri KinoshitaEri Kinoshita  
Linking Structure and Function for the DNA Repair Complex Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1
Cover PhD thesis Tham Khek-ChianTham Khek-Chian  
Regulation of Homologous Recombination between Divergent DNA Sequences by Mismatch Repair Proteins
Cover PhD thesis Richard CantersRichard Canters  
Optimization and Control in Deep Hyperthermia
Cover PhD thesis Sebastiaan BreedveldSebastiaan Breedveld 
Towards Automated Treatment Planning in Radiotherapy
Cover PhD thesis Li LiLi Li 
Mild Hyperthermia and Thermosensitive Liposomes for Chemotherapy
Cover PhD thesis Jurriaan BakkerJurriaan Bakker 
Dosimetry of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in Daily Life and Medical Applications
Cover PhD thesis Eliana María Vásquez OsorioEliana María Vásquez Osorio 
Improving Feature-based Non-rigid Registration for Applications in Radiotherapy
Cover PhD thesis Thomas HolthausenThomas Holthausen 
Mechanism of Genome Protection by Homologous Recombination Repair: A single molecule DNA-protein interaction study