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Scope and outline
The CyberKnife is a frameless, image-guided radiotherapy system involving a 6-MV linear accelerator mounted on a robotic manipulator possessing six degrees of freedom. The imaging system uses 2 diagnostic X-ray sources mounted to the ceiling and paired with amorphous silicon detectors to acquire live, digital radiographic images of the patient. A feedback loop between the imaging system and the robotic manipulator corrects for patient and or tumor motion.

For optimization of treatment plans, the main research topic is development of novel algorithms for optimal use of the IRIS variable aperture collimator, using minimal numbers of principal beam directions, collimator sizes and monitor units. Moreover, potential advantages of equipping the CyberKnife with a micro-multi-leaf collimator are investigated.  

Dose distributions of (A) mini-multileaf collimator plan and (B) mean lung dose-equivalent Iris plan for Patient 4 (isocenter slice). Thick white lines indicate planning target volume contour. Depicted isodose lines ranged from 10% to 90% of maximal planning target volume dose.

J.J.M.E. Nuyttens, MD, PhD