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Radiation therapy

Marjon de BruinMarjon de Bruin,Sector Manager

"Radiation therapists are involved in almost all aspects of radiotherapy treatment, both in treatment preparation and in the actual treatment itself. They make the CT scan at the start of the treatment, develop the irradiation plan and operate the accelerators during the therapy. Each type of accelerator has its own team of therapists, and each team is led by a coordinator who in turn reports to me, the sector manager. In principal, each therapist has two working spots: one in the preparation process and one on an accelerator. Focus areas have been formed for areas such as CT and dose planning, to ensure that the teams have the same knowledge and apply the same strategies.  when we will move to our new location atthe  Erasmus MC hospital in 2018, only one brand of accelerator will remain, so we will need to regroup our teams. One of the ideas is to group the therapists by specialization for a certain type of tumor, as is done by the radiation oncologists.
One of the major changes in our department is called  the 'Stop the beep' project. This project is meant to diminish the frequency of beeper interruption and telephone contact between oncologists and therapists by making the patient care process and the workflow more  efficient.
This leads to more protected time for research for the academic  oncologists, allows therapists to develop research projects themselves and hopefully will increase job satisfaction. Another improvement is the hiring of radiotherapy  nurses who will be dedicated to the care of radiotherapy patients , so we don't have to call upon nurses from other departments. Finally, we will start a palliative outpatient clinic, in which a special team will support the palliative care patients."

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