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Manouk OlofsenManouk Olofsen, Radiation Oncologist/Chair of Education

"In addition to patient care and research, the Department of Radiation Oncology is also strongly involved in multiple educational programs. When I first started here, I treated patients, was involved in scientific research and did my share of teaching, but education stole my heart. So I stopped doing research and took up coordinating the different educational programs in the department: training for future radiation oncologists and radiotherapy teaching modules for medical students. In addition I teach radiotherapists and coordinate their training. The training for radiation oncologists is a  national coordinated program. I am actively involved in the scientific association for radiation oncologists (NVRO) and thus in shaping the training and evaluating the individual training institutes. The guidelines drawn up by our government sometimes complicate our task, e.g. the number of  training positions. This is determined by the government and forces us to train more specialists than necessary. As a result, some of the residents we trained are currently unemployed. To me as Vice Chair of Education,this is heart breaking. Therefore, if possible, we stimulate our trainees to educate themselves in other aspects as well, or to actively involve themselves in research projects or  educational activities of staff members. This will increase their chances of finding a job. Our  department has always dedicated itself to taking care of patients that come to us from a large region surrounding Rotterdam. This took up all of our time and left the specialists with hardly any time for scientific research. We are currently completely reorganizing our tasks and workflow so we can have time for both research and education and still provide excellent patient care. We try to teach that to our residents too."

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