S. Petit, PhD


Steven studied Biomedical Engineering in Eindhoven University of Technology and graduated cum laude on correction of imaging artifacts on cone-beam CT scans. He obtained his PhD at Maastricht University in 2010 (MAASTRO Clinic) for research on intra-tumor heterogeneity and radiotherapy.

With a special interest in measuring metabolism with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and the role of radiotherapy to deal with intra-tumor heterogeneity. Subsequently he worked at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD on knowledge based radiotherapy treatment planning, after which he started his medical physics training at Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam. Apart from the general curriculum he focused specifically on MRI, strategic project management and fully automated treatment planning. During this period he also investigated robust proton therapy treatment planning at the Burr Proton Therapy Center - Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA.

Since 2014 Steven has worked as a registered medical physicist at Erasmus MC Cancer Institute and was appointed assistant professor in the same year. His clinical responsibilities are functional imaging and automated treatment planning. Thanks to a fellowship grant from the Dutch Cancer Society, Steven has continued his research on dealing with intra-tumor heterogeneity with radiotherapy in collaboration with MGH-Harvard University, where he was appointed from August 2015 to February 2016. Steven's research consists of automated and robust treatment for heterogeneous dose-distributions (dose-painting) and on validation of functional imaging to measure intra-tumor heterogeneity. In addition Steven is the project leader of the Treatment Planning QA research line at Erasmus MC.