M.M. Paulides, PhD

Margarethus ('Maarten') Paulides studied electrical engineering at Eindhoven University, and obtained his PhD in medical electromagnetics at Erasmus University in 2007 (cum laude, the highest honor in NL) on the development and clinical implementation of an RF hyperthermia applicator to treat cancers of the head and neck. Hyperthermia, heating tissue to 40-44 C has a demonstrated potential as effective, economic, non-toxic and non-invasive sensitizer of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

His follow-up work at Erasmus MC Cancer Center has been focused on computer simulation and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging guided thermal interventions. This work involved research periods at the National Institute of Applied Physics (The Hague), Duke University Medical Center (Durham NC, USA) and General Electric Research (Niskayuna NY, USA). His work resulted in novel hyperthermia applicators, patient-specific simulation technology and pioneering data for improving EM exposure guidelines.

In 2016, he was appointed leader of the new Research Pillar of the Radiotherapy Department on Biology Image Guided Radiotherapy (BIGRT). His current research is focused on using MR imaging for elucidating aberrant molecular and physiological properties of tumors aimed at guidance of radiotherapy and thermal therapy. Of specific interest are the experimental, pre-clinical and clinical validation of the novel technologies.

He was recipient of a VENI scholarship of STW/NWO (the most prestigious starting grant in the Netherlands) in 2010, an EUR fellowship in 2016 and best paper awards of Physics in Medicine and Biology (2010 Roberts prize) and the International Journal of Hyperthermia (2007 Editor's award). He serves in the Electromagnetics Committee  of the Dutch Health Council and is board member of the Dutch National Antenna Research Framework (NARF). In addition, he served in the program committee of the International Congress on Hyperthermic Oncology (ICHO) in 2012 in Kyoto (Japan) and 2016 in New Orleans (USA). Finally, he is advisor Medical Physics of Sensius BV, a start-up company aimed at providing solutions for computer simulation guided hyperthermia treatment.