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Education and Training

EducationThe department of Public Health provides a wide range of education and training modules for undergraduate students and for public health researchers and practitioners.

The natural bond between education and societal needs
Our education and training focuses strongly on knowledge and methods for medical practitioners and health professionals in order to contribute to improvement of population health. Our courses reflect the natural bond that exists between education and societal needs. Attendance should result in improved preventive skills and stimulate practitioners' professional engagement in public health policies. Future policymakers from various scientific backgrounds benefit from our training as it prepares them for intersectoral collaborations aimed at improving population health.

Some of the contributions made by our department

  • We provide a compulsary 4-week course on population health for 3th year medical students at Erasmus MC.
  • We contribute in the fields of preventive health care and general academic skills to the compulsory disease-oriented courses of the medical curriculum.
  • We provide elective courses for preclinical medical students in the fields of addiction and international health.
  • We provide the minor "Health in Rotterdam" for all 3rd year students of Erasmus University, in collaboration with our colleagues from the Institute of Health Policy & Management.
  • We provide compulsory clerkships for 6th year clinical students on public and occupational health and additional elective clerkships in infectious disease control, maternal and child health, municipal health, occupational health, and forensic medicine.
  • A rapidly increasing number of students conduct an elective clerkship of 12-15 weeks in a developing country, combining clinical work with public health activities and analyses.
  • In 2009 local health authorities facing the threat of an influenza pandemic requested us to develop and organize a novel vaccination training (theory and practice) for 4th year medical students. After successfully completing the course, students were able to assist local GPs in administering influenza vaccinations. This novel vaccination training is now offered each year.

Research education

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