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Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy

Research internship at the section of Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy.

MPP Intro-imageThe section Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy has several research projects with a focus on a) improvement of communication between patients, medical students and physicians, and b) how a patient copes with his or her disease and the consequences of this disease (such as anxiety, uncertainness, lifestyle advices, quality of life). Special attention is paid to migrants.




Examples of current research projects:

  • Liver or kidney transplantation, in migrants in particular;
  • Evaluation projects of interventions for e.g. chronic pain, psychotherapy, obesities;
  • Palliative care;
  • Reproductive medicine, especially in migrants;
  • Quality of life, mainly generic quality of life and utility measures

For more information about the projects and the researchers, please visit our website www.psych.nl or send your application to h.gerritse-kattouw@erasmusmc.nl