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Postdoc Network

On June 23, 2011, the Postdoc Network Erasmus MC was officially launched by the Dean, Prof. dr. H.A.P. Pols.

Ambitions of the Postdoc Network Erasmus MC

  • To bring the postdocs and final year PhD students within the Erasmus MC together;
  • To make postdocs aware of a broad range of aspects which are important for a successful career in science;
  • To organize plenary sessions, workshops and discussions on how to shape your scientific career and to develop academic as well as transferable skills;
  • To provide the opportunity for postdocs to exchange work experiences, plans, challenges, tips and tricks;
  • To be a liaison between the postdocs, the policy makers of the Erasmus MC, such as the Dean and the department of Research Policy;
  • To inform postdocs at the Erasmus MC about (inter)national activities for postdocs.


Target group 

The Postdoc Network Erasmus MC aims to reach out to all postdocs and final year PhD students employed at the Erasmus MC.

Postdoc Network meetings

Postdoc Network meetings will be organized four times per year by the board of the Postdoc Network. As part of these meetings, workshops will be given focussing on career development and academic and transferable skills, such as negotiation, leadership skills, networking, collaborating, and grant writing. Each Postdoc Network meeting contains an informal part (reception or break) for networking.