Erasmus MC Press Release Rotterdam, 21 January 2019
Seventh member of the Science Gallery Network announced for Rotterdam
New partnership
Science Gallery International today announced that it will establish Science Gallery Rotterdam in partnership with Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Erasmus MC). Set to start engaging audiences through pop-up activities from September 2019 on the Erasmus MC campus, Science Gallery Rotterdam will create and host free exhibitions and events designed for a target audience of young adults from 15 to 25 years old. Featuring participative experiences that blend art, science, and technology, Science Gallery Rotterdam will ensure access to STEAM-related content and conversations for local young people.

Dr. Andrea Bandelli, Executive Director of Science Gallery International, the non-profit organisation catalysing the growth of the Science Gallery Network, said "Today we reach a fantastic milestone for the Science Gallery Network announcing our seventh member, Erasmus MC Rotterdam. Science Gallery Rotterdam brings together Erasmus MC's excellent academic research and outstanding medical practice with the thriving art and design scene in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the perfect city for Science Gallery: energetic and constantly changing, pioneering and entrepreneurial, international and hyper-connected. We are thrilled to welcome Erasmus MC to our Network and we look forward to working together and make Science Gallery a new landmark in the academic and cultural life of the city."

Science Gallery Rotterdam is a new addition to the Science Gallery Network, which currently has locations in Dublin, London, Melbourne, Bengaluru, Venice and Detroit. The Science Gallery Network is the world's only university network dedicated to public engagement with science and art and consists of leading universities united around a singular mission: to ignite creativity and discovery where science and art collide.

Based on the model pioneered by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Science Gallery Rotterdam will trigger new forms of collaboration between scientists and creative arts, develop innovative education programs, and enhance the excellence of research carried out by Erasmus MC and the other universities in the Science Gallery Network. The largest medical school in the Netherlands, bibliometric indicators place Erasmus MC in the top 20 of clinical medicine worldwide. Erasmus MC is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. Local partners of Erasmus MC in Science Galley Rotterdam are Centre for the Arts (CBK Rotterdam) and Museum Rotterdam.

Speaking in advance of today's announcement, Prof Hans (J.P.T.M.) van Leeuwen, Dean of Erasmus MC, said: "Science Gallery Rotterdam will connect excellent research of Erasmus MC with art and the local community. Erasmus MC is proud of establishing Gallery Rotterdam in collaboration with local and international partners. The exciting format of combining research with the imaginative power of art is a great way to present our scientific work to society and to strengthen our communication with local communities. This will bring the wonders of science to young people stimulating them to consider a career in science."

Erasmus MC will look to appoint a visionary Director for Science Gallery Rotterdam in 2019.

Erasmus MC is the largest University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Our primary goal is a healthy population. Nearly 13,000 employees devote themselves every day to providing outstanding care, facilitating world-class education and conducting pioneering research. These professionals are instrumental in developing expertise on health and illness. They link the latest scientific insights to practical treatments and prevention measures to provide maximum benefit to patients and to enable healthy people to stay healthy longer. Being visibly better and leading the way in the areas of complex, innovative and acute care by collaborating with others: these are key ambitions at Erasmus MC.