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Rules and guidelines for the Tissue Bank

Scientific research on patient residual material has to comply to strict rules and regulations

Rules and ethics within the Tissue Bank

The collection of tissues in the tissue bank consists of tissues that remain after diagnosis or when the pathologist has assessed tissues will not be used for diagnosis. Left-over tissues can form a solid basis for medical scientific research, especially with the diagnosis attached. Medical scientific research on left-over tissue complies to the applicable laws and regulations: Dutch law on Medical research on people (WMO), Dutch Law medical treatment agreement (WGBO), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Dutch Law on the GDPR (uAVG), Dutch law on corps delivery, the behavioral code of conduct issued by the FEDERA, in which the basic rules for working with residual tissue in scientific research is processed.
The Medical Ethical Board (METC) is concerned with evaluation of research proposals to uphold the regulations and the application is described in the Erasmus MC Central Biobank regulatory document.
An important issue for the tissue bank is to protect the privacy by coding the sample data in such a way the researcher cannot directly identify the identity  when working with the data.

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Transfer of tissue for medical scientific research:

An eligible tissue request must comply to:

1. METC approval of the research protocol and where applicable the scientific evaluation board (WTC)
2. Requestor is working as a medical scientist at Erasmus MC or outside
3. Requestor knows the rules and regulation on working with body materials
4. Research protocol is on the request
5. There is sufficient capacity to execute the proposed research
6. The research proposal only contains medical scientific research

Transfer of tissue can only take place when there is a signed informed consent, or when there is no direct patient contact with the research group or at the time the sample was taken there was no research question. In the later the samples are only transferred if the patient did not formally object against the use of tissues for medical scientific research. If you want to know more please read the patient folder (in Dutch): "rechten en plichten" and "restweefsel voor medisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek".

Researchers interested in requesting tissues for medical research can fill out a request form contact the head of the Tissue Bank, collection point for the Erasmus MC Central Biobank.