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Peter Riegman, PhD

Head of the Erasmus MC Tissue Bank

Pasfoto Riegman 


Peter Riegman is a Molecular Biologist and presently the head of the Erasmus MC Tissue Bank. The samples are collected according to the pathology department ISO 15189:2012 SOPs and QA/QC program. The Tissue Bank makes left over archival tissues  both frozen formalin fixed available for medical research according to the rules of secondary use.

Education and functions:

1982-1986: Studied biology at the University of Leiden; Optional subject: Celbiology Leiden University Dr. W de Priester; Major subject: Molecular Genetics Prof. Dr. J. Trapman;

1986-1992: Ph.D. study, Thesis: "Cloning and Characterization of Prostate-Specific Antigen" Dept. of Pathology, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Promotor: Prof. Dr. D. Bootsma, Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. J. Trapman; subsidized by the Dutch Cancer Society

1992-1997: Postdoc: "Towards a mouse model for meningioma and neurofibromatosis type 2" Dept. of Pathology, Erasmus University Rotterdam; project of Dr. E. Zwarthoff subsidized by the Dutch Cancer Society

1997-2001: Postdoc, "Early detection of neoplastic progression in Barrett's Esophagus" Dept. of Pathology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam; project of Dr. H van Dekken subsidized by the Dutch Cancer Society

2001 - present: Head of the "Erasmus MC Tissue Bank" at the Dept. of Pathology, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam. In this function he became involved in European projects: EurocanPlatform, BIOPOOL, SPIDIA, BBMRI, EuroBoNeT and TuBaFrost (as coordinator). 2006-2010 OECI co-opted board member and chair of the OECI working group biobanking. 2008 ISBER president-elect, 2009-2010 ISBER president and past president until 2011. Elected ESBB vice president at the end of 2010 and president in 2011. Section editor of Biopreservation and Biobanking and member of the P3GInternational Steering Committee. From 2012 Erasmus MCUMC coordinator for the “Parelsnoer initiatief” and NEN commissioner to write technical standards in CEN/TC140WG3 and ISO/TC212WG4. 2017 in SPIDIA4P. 2018 part of project team Erasmus MC Central Biobank.