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The Erasmus MC tissue bank

The Erasmus MC Virtual Tissue Bank is embedded in the department of Pathology. The collection is meant for medical research purposes only.

This concerns a typical clinical based pathology biobank. Tissue samples left over from surgical resection specimen are stored under liquid nitrogen and can be requested by Erasmus MC scientists for medical scientific experiments. An application has been developed to enable scientists to search the collection on-line and request tissue samples over the Erasmus MC Intranet. Of course every request shall be judged according to procedures determined by the Erasmus MC Tissue Bank

In addition, a European network of collaborating Tumor Tissue Banks is developing. This project is funded for 3 years by the European Community in the 5th framework programme of the quality of life and management of living resources.

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The European Human Frozen Tumor Tissue Bank project is in short known as the OECI TuBaFrost project. In collaboration with many distinctive European Cancer Institutes and two leading European organizations for European cancer research EORTC and OECI.

WeefselverwerkingThe Erasmus MC Virtual Tissue Bank is embedded in the department of Pathology, within the unit Molecular Diagnostics headed by Winand Dinjens and is developed and maintained by Peter Riegman and Monique Oomen. It is in addition part of the Center for Biomics. The maintenance and collection of tissues is realized in close collaboration with the Histology Unit.  Weefselverwerking2








Ethics and Rules

Scientific research on patient material has to comply to strict rules and regulations. However, it could very well be that you are a patient of Erasmus MC and have objections against the use of your tissue fragments for experimental medical use. If you have these objections and suspect that during your stay in Erasmus Medical Center your surgical resection specimen might have been used for such purposes, Patient information and the possibility to refuse can be found in this information brochure (Dutch) and form (Dutch) to object to the use of your tissues for experimental use. Although these forms are available within the Erasmus Medical Center, the opportunity to object is also offered here, because you might have been a bit distracted from this subject by other at that time for you more important procedures.
Tissue Collection

How and which tissues are collected and stored in liquid nitrogen until further use.


The Erasmus MC Tissue bank manages the PALM microdissection laser for the center for Biomics, which is available through the center for Biomics ONLY after having followed an introduction course.

A complete TMA (Tissue Micro Array) platform, fully funded by the Josephine Nefkens Stichting, consisting of a Beecher Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA 27 and a Virtual Microscope or Nanozoomer from Hamamatsu and Medical Solutions with TMA analyses software strongly supports translational research on tissue samples. Complete histologic Images from the Virtual Microscope are available within the Erasmus MC Intranet or available on the Internet either by overview or a direct example.
Necessity of a Tissue Bank

A growing need is anticipated for large collections of well-documented high quality fresh frozen tumor tissue provided with a solid diagnosis.

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