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Medische beslissingen rond het levenseinde

Medical decisions in end-of-life care

The increasing importance of chronic diseases as a cause of death and the attention currently being paid to patient-centered care at the end of life have created interest in the role of medicine in the timing and mode of death and dying. In many instances, death is not merely the result of the natural course of a lethal disease: medical decision making often contributes. Such decision making concerns the use of medical treatment to prolong the life of seriously ill patients. Furthermore, the alleviation of severe symptoms sometimes involves the use of drugs that have as a potential side effect the shortening of life or that render the patient unconscious until death. Sometimes patients feel that their suffering is unbearable, feel hopeless, and ask their physician to perform euthanasia or provide assistance in suicide.

The Netherlands is the first country where large-scale research has provided insight into the practices of euthanasia and other issues in end-of-life decision making. Large nationwide studies have proved the importance of end-of-life decision making in current medical practice, and they have had a major influence on national policymaking and the further development of end-of-life care.

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