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Zorg rond de stervensfase

De afdeling interne oncologie werkt samen met de afdeling maatschappelijke gezondheidszorg binnen het onderzoek naar zorg rond de stervensfase.

How we live and die has changed dramatically in the past century. Hundred years ago, illness was common at every age. The average life expectancy in western Europe was about 45 years. When death came, it usually occurred suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of infectious disease or injuries, with little involvement for health care. Nowadays, most people live in good health into old age; the average life expectancy has increased to about 80 years. Many of the formerly acute causes of death can be prevented or treated and death is now for most of us the result of chronic disease at a high age. The last phase of life often involves a period of deterioration with comorbidities and functional decline.

Whereas the traditional goals of medicine were to cure disease and prolong life, it is increasingly acknowledged that adequate end-of-life care can have a major impact on the quality of the last phase of life. Our aging population as well as the increasing prevalence of chronic disease at the end of life, advances in medicine, costs of end-of-life care, and empowerment of patients, all make sensitive, patient-centred management of death and dying one of the main challenges of modern health care.

Most health professionals believe that patients with advanced disease and their families should be told the truth about prognosis, but many avoid discussing the topic. This is due to uncertainty and a lack of tools, skills and time to adequately discuss sensitive issues around death and dying. Our research program is aimed at developing knowledge about death and dying in the 21st century and at finding clues for high quality end-of-life care.

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