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PhD theses

v Oldenrijk J 2019
Short Incisions and Short Stems in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Fahmy-Garcia S 2019
Towards in situ bone tissue engineering : an injectable system for protein delivery

Utomo L 2018
Macrophages phenotypes in degenerative joint diseases
(Co)promotor: van Osch GJVM, Verhaar JAN, Bastiaansen-Jenniskens YM

Mumcuoglu Guvenc D 2018
Development of an injectable slow release system for bone morphogenetic protein-2
(Co)promotor: van Osch GJVM, Kluijtmans B

Dorleijn S 2017
Hip osteoarthritis, non-operative treatment, RCT, corticosteroid injection
(Co)promotor: S.M. Bierma-Zeinstra, P.A.J. Luijsterburg, P.K. Bos

Kroon de, L 2017
A dive into TGHß signaling components during generation and degeneration of cartilage.
(Co-)promotor:  van der Kraan  PM, Van Osch GJVM, Narcisi R, Blaney Davidson N

Wei, W 2017
Adipose tissue and the knee? : role of inflammation on joint degeneration and cartilage repair
(Co-)promotor:  Van Osch GJVM,  Verhaar JAN, Bastiaansen-Jenniskens Y

Hoeve ter - Boersema, GSA 2017
Major Abdominal Surgical Complications : Innovative Approaches
(Co-)promotor:  Lange JF, Kleinrensink GJ, Bastiaansen-Jenniskens YM

Windt, AE van der 2017
Calcineurin Inhibition at Physiological Osmolarity: Toward improving cartilage regeneration
(Co-)promotor: Verhaar JAN, Weinans H

Hartog, Y den 2016
Optimizing Perioperative Care for Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty Patients
(Co-)promotor: Verhaar JAN, Mathijssen NMC, Vehmeijer SBW

Cleary M 2016
Enhancing chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells:
taking inspiration from joint development

(Co) promotor: PAJ Brama, G.J.V.M. van Osch, R. Narcisi

Reurink G 2016
Managing acute hamstring injuries in athletes.
(Co-)promotor: Verhaar JAN, Tol JJ, Moen MH, Weir A

Duivenvoorden T 2015
Treatment modalities for patients with varus medial knee osteoarthritis
(Co)-promotor: Verhaar JAN, Reijman M

Tiel van J 2015
Quantative imaging biomarkers of knee cartilage composition
(Co)-promotor: Weinans H, Krestin GP

Jonge de S 2015
Midportion achilles tendinopathy: incidence, imaging and treatment
(Co)-promotor: Verhaar JAN, Weinans H, Tol H

Siebelt, M 2015
Osteoarthritis: pathogenesis and therapeutic interventions for a whole joint disease
(Co)-promotor: Weinans H, Hendriks- de Jong M, Verhaar JAN

Stok van der, J 2015
Bone Graft Substitutes; Developed for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
(Co)promotors: Weinans H, Verhaar JAN, Patka P

Meer van, BL 2015
Identification of early degenerative changes in the knee after anterior cruciate ligament rupture
(Co) promotor: S.M.A. Bierma-Zeinstra, M. Reijman

Agricola, R 2015
The Rise and fall of the Hip
(Co)promotor: H Weinans, JAN Verhaar, E Waarsing

Colaris, J 2014
Forearm fractures in children
(Co) promotor: JAN Verhaar, JH Allema

Das, RHJ 2014
Use of environmental and physical stimuli in cartilage tissue engineering
(Co) promotor: H. Weinans, H. Jahr

Vries de- Melle van ML 2014
In vitro models for cell-based cartilage regeneration
(Co) promotor: G.J.V.M. van Osch, J.A.N. Verhaar

Piscaer TM 2014
Development and application of new imaging techniques for osteoarthritis
(Co)promotor: H. Weinans, J.A.N. Verhaar, M. de Jong

Buul van GM 2013
Towards cell therapy for osteoarthritis
(Co)promotor: G.J.V.M. van Osch, H. Weinans

Clockaerts S 2013
Role of infrapatellar fat pad in knee osteoarthritis; Lipid lowering drugs as potential therapeutic strategy.
(Co)promotor: G.J.V.M. van Osch, J. Somville

Van der Jagt O 2012
Biophysical stimuli as potential treatment for osteoporosis
(Co)promotor: Weinans H, Verhaar J

Dikmans- Vissers MM 2012
Recovery after total hip or knee arthroplasty physical and mental functioning
(Co)-promotor: Verhaar JAN, Reijman M, Bussmann JBJ 

Meuffels D 2011
Novel insights into anterior cruciate ligament injury
(Co)-promotors: Verhaar JAN,  Reijman M

Botter SM 2010
Dynamic Subchondral Bone Changes in Murine Models of Osteoarthritis
(Co-)Promotors: Weinans H, van Leeuwen JPTM, van Osch GJVM 

de Vos RJ 2010
Imaging and Treatment of Chronic Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy
(Co-) Promotors: Weinans H, Verhaar JAN

Jansen JW 2010
Mechanotransduction in bone, Dependency on human osteoblast differentiation
(Co-) Promotors: Weinans HH, van Leeuwen JPTM

Uitterlinden EJ 2010
Glucosamine in Osteoarthritis, Effect on articular joint tissues
(Co-) Promotors: Verhaar JAN, Weinans H, van Osch GJVM

van Raaij TM 2009
Treatment of symptomatic varus osteoarthritis of the knee
(Co)-promotors: Verhaar JAN, Brouwer RW, Reijman M

Sniekers Y 2009
Estrogen effects on cartilage and bone changes in models for osteoarthritis
(Co)-Promotor(s): Weinans H, Van Leeuwen JPTM, Van Osch GJVM

Bastiaansen-Jenniskens YM 2009
A novel approach to stimulate cartilage repair:
Targeting Cartilage Turnover
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN , Van Osch GJVM, de Groot J

De Groot IB 2009
Functioning before and after total hip or knee arthropasty.
(Co)promotor(s): Verhaar JAN, Stam HJ, Bussman JBJ

de Mos M 2009
Tendon cell behavior and matrix remodelling in degenerative tendinopathy 
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN, Van Osch GJVM

Janssen WJM 2008
The sit-to-stand movement; recovery after stroke and objective asessment
(Co)-Promotor(s): Stam HJ, Bussman JBJ

Feleus A 2008
Non-traumatic arm, neck and shoulder complaints in general practice. Incidence, course and management
(Co)promotor(s): Verhaar JAN, Koes W, Bierma-Zeinstra SMA 

Huisstede BMA 2007
Complaints of the Arm, neck and/or Shoulder, A new approach to its terminology and classification: the CANS model
(Co)promoter(s): Koes BW, Verhaar JAN

Faber E 2007
Management of Sick Leave die to musculoskeletal disorders
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN, Burdorf A 

Beumer A 2007
Chronic instability of the anterior syndesmosis of the ankle
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN, Swierstra BA, Burdorf A 

Bos PK 2006
Cartilage wound healing and intergration
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN, van Osch GJVM

Waarsing JH 2006
Exploring bone dynamics by in-vivo micro-CT imaging
(Co)promotor(s): Weinans H, Verhaar JAN

Marijnissen WJCM 2006
Cartilage tissue engineering; the effect of different biomaterials, cell types and culture methods
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN, van Osch GJVM

Brouwer RB 2006
Unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee; diagnosis and treatment of malalignment
(Co)promoter(s): Verhaar JAN, Bierma-Zeinstra SM

Lievense AM 2005
Determinants on the cause and course of hip pain in the elderly in primary care
(Co)-promotor(s): Verhaar JAN, Koes W, Bierma-Zeinstra SMA

Hurkmans HLP 2005
Partial Weight Bearing, long-term monitoring of load in patients with total hip arthroplasty during postoperative recovery
(Co)promotor(s): Stam HJ, Verhaar JAN, Bussman JBJ

Day JS 2005
Bone Quality: The Mechanical Effects of Microarchitecture and Matrix properties
(Co)Promotor(s): Weinans H, Verhaar JAN, Sumner DR

Luime J 2004
The Occurance, course and diagnosis of shoulder complaints
(Co)promoter(s): Koes BW, Verhaar JAN

Mandl EW 2004
Advances in cartilage tissue engineering in Vitro
(Co)promotor(s): Verhaar JAN, van Osch GJVM

Faber FWM 2003
Hallux valgus and the first tarsometatarsal joint
(Co)-promotor(s): Verhaar JAN, Koes BW, Burdorf A

Linden van der JC 2003
Interactions between remodelling architecture and tissue properties in cancellous bone
(Co)-Promotor(s): Verhaar JAN