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Student exchanges

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For a limited number of students, internships abroad are possible within the framework of the ‘International Master in Cell and Stem Cell Biology’, our collaborative agreement with the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, and the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris, France. Recently, we added an agreement with the Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

A typical student exchange will take the form of a six-month research project. When performing a research project in Nürnberg, Paris, or Barcelona, students will receive supervision and guidance in accordance with the requirements in Rotterdam. The MSc Thesis will always have to be defended in Rotterdam. More information on the exchange possibilities in Barcelona can be found here and here. Students with an interest in Nürnberg may download this info sheet.   

Incidentally, students are allowed to conduct one of their research projects in a research lab abroad (other than the labs at FAU, UPMC, or the University of Barcelona). This can only happen on the conditions that collaborations already exist between the involved research groups, and that our requirements regarding course work, supervision, and assessment are met.

An internship abroad can only be arranged and carried out in full agreement with the involved MSc Faculty members: the lab supervisor, the course director(s), and the program director.



When visiting Rotterdam, exchange students from Nürnberg, Barcelona, and Paris will be able to perform a six-month research project, with optional additional courses.

Similarly, on occasion, we can accept students from other universities for a six-month internship within the Erasmus MC - Biomedical Sciences research groups. This depends on the availability of staff in the pertaining lab, and on the experience of the exchange student.