PhD students

student15Becoming a skilled, critical and independent researcher is the most important criterion for receiving a PhD degree at Erasmus MC. This capacity is mainly monitored by the supervisor and (co)promotor of the department, in consultation with the coaching committee. The research project should culminate in several (first and co-author) papers and a well-written printed thesis. Besides doing research, PhD students from 7 departments at Erasmus MC (Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Genetics, Developmental Biology, Genetic Identification, Biochemistry and Bio-informatics) also have to follow the Biomedical Sciences PhD program, which is briefly described in the "Teaching Program of Biomedical Sciences".

The Biomedical Sciences PhD program is embedded in the Graduate School Medical Genetics Center South West Netherlands. The additional requirements, courses, and modules of this program are aimed at further improving education, training and technical expertise of PhD students at Erasmus MC. In addition, the Biomedical Sciences PhD program incorporates obligatory courses offered by the Erasmus MC.

student03Attending (inter)national meeting(s) in your scientific field and presenting your work  is obligatory. Also PhD students of the Medical Genetics Center yearly organize themselves a 3 day scientific retreat at an attractive location in one of the neighbouring countries. We adhere to the Erasmus MC requirement that a total of 30 training credits (ECTS) points are obtained by the student at the end of the PhD. Students can obtain ECTS points for each course and lecture they follow.