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BSc & MSc students

MSc in Molecular Medicine

student05The Department of Molecular Genetics was one of the co-founders of this two-year research master’s program that focuses on molecular and cellular principles of health and disease, including experimental  design, such as cell and tissue culture, live cell imaging, genomic and proteomic technologies, genetic modification, generation of animal models, and more. The MSc Molecular Medicine program has been awarded a ‘top rated program’ quality seal by the Dutch Keuzegids (study choice guide). A total of 730 Master’s programs were evaluated, only 82 of which received the quality seal.

BSc and MSc in Nanobiology

The Nanobiology program is an initiative of the Erasmus MC Molecular Genetics Department together with the Delft University of Technology. Nanobiology is a new research field at the interface of biology, physics and mathematics aimed at understanding and unraveling the complex molecular world of biology and medicine. You can follow a BSc in Nanobiology and a MSc in Nanobiology.

Rotation projects for BSc and MSc students

microscoopThe Department of Molecular Genetics hosts a number of BSc and MSc students that perform their rotation projects. Each research team usually has several options for rotation projects. Rotation projects are  assigned to a rotation student on a first-come-first-serve basis after an assessment interview. If you want to perform an exciting rotation project at the BSc or MSc level, please send an email to Dr. M. Jaegle including a CV, motivation and the research team(s) you are interested in.