Obtained Grants 2018

Mrace Grant

Unraveling systemic autoimmunity: a critical role for naïve B cells?
Rudi Hendriks

Lung Foundation Young investigator Fellowship
The role of innate lymphoid cells in uncontrolled and corticosteroid resistant asthma
Suzanne Bal

Lung Foundation Consortium Grant
Targeting the origin of the inflammatory cascade in allergic asthma (TORCA)
Rudi Hendriks, Martijn Nawijn (UMCG Groningen), Gerdien Tramper (Franciscus Gasthuis Rotterdam)

PPP Immune System off Balance Consortium
Target to B! Towards patient-tailored immunotherapy to effectively treat B-cell associated disease
Rudi Hendriks, Odilia Corneth (project leader: Taco Kuijpers, AMC Amsterdam)

Erasmus MC Fellowship
Multidimensional epigenomics to understand and target T cell dysfunction in human disease
Ralph Stadhouders