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Theses 2006 - 2016


Crins C.
Developmental Changes in Synaptic Function in a Giant Auditory Synaps = Veranderingen van synaptische functie gedurende de ontwikkeling van een auditieve reuzensynaps


de Sonneville C.
The impact and treatment of developmental stuttering

Bommeljé, C.C.
The Human SCCRO Gene Family: Characterization of its molecular function and role in carcinogenesis


Keereweer, S
Towards Fluorescence-Guided Head and Neck Cancer Surgery


Nagtegaal, M.P.
On the auditory system: genes, DNA repair and ion channels

Offerman, M.
Towards a better care for head and neck cancer patients and their partners


Datema, F.R.
Survival prediction in head and neck cancer.

Hellingman, C.A.
Finetuning cartilage tissue engineering by applying principles from embryonic development.


Coenraad, S.
Auditory maturation and congenital hearin gloss in NICU infants.

Van der Schroeff, M.
Prognostic models in head and neck oncology.


Janssen, L.M.
Laryngotracheal stenosis and reconstruction

Metselaar, R.M.
Aspects of hearing aid fitting procedures

Goumans, J.
Three-dimensional vestibulo-ocular reflex in humans: a matter of balance

Mehanna, HM (Extern)
Towards effective assessment of the quality of life of head and neck cancer aptients in the clinical setting.


Borgstein, J.A.
Surgical Observations on Atelectasis of the Middle Ear in Children

Hakkesteegt, M.M.
Evaluation of voice disorders - Dysphonia Severity Index and Voice Handicap Index

Tan, M.L.
Cellular mechanisms of auditory processing in the inferior colliculus - An in vivo patch-clamp study


Looij, M.A.J. van
Hearing loss in HDR syndrome, a study of mice and men 


Brink, J.L. van den
Supporting Transmural Oncological Care - evaluation of a telemedicine system in head and neck cancer

Kelders, W.P.A.
Plasticity of the cervico-ocular reflex in health and disease

Meuwese-Jongejeugd, J.
Hearing Impairment in adults with an intellectual disability: epidemiology and rehabilitation

Sewnaik, A.
Preservation of the Larynx in Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer

Struben, V.M.D.
Nasal Nitric Oxide - Methodology, normal values and potential clinical application