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Salivary Gland Center

The salivary gland center of ErasmusMC was established in 2008. The goal was to introduce innovative and new techniques in the treatment of salivary gland disorders. Most common disease are benign tumors and sialolithiasis. For the last years hundreds of patients were treated in the salivary gland center.

The team consist of two head and neck surgeons and a physician assistant specialized in the treatment of salivary gland disorders. 

Most common salivary gland disorders
Sialolithiasis ( salivary gland stones), sialoadenitis,  benign tumors, ranula, recurrent swelling of the glands, hypersalivation.

Treatment modalities offered in our center
Sialoendoscopy is the use of a small semi rigid scope containing a camera to look inside the duct of a salivary gland. Also small instrument can be inserted to remove salivary stones and debris from the gland. Medication can be injected into the gland and the gland tubes can be stretches to make them bigger.  This procedure is done in general anaesthesia in day care. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Lithotripsy is a procedure which utilizes targeted sound waves in order to fragment stones so that a patient may pass them naturally. The treatment is done in the outpatient clinic. It is a good treatment modality for salivary stone in the parotid gland. Most patient need 3-5 sessions. One session take about 30 minutes.

The goal for surgery for benign tumors is a minimal invasive approach. We have a very low complication rate. Facial nerve palsy is seen in under 2% in patients with surgery for a benign tumor.

Salivary Gland Center follow up care
Most patients after surgery are seen once within two weeks for post-operative checkup. The majority of patients do not require a second follow up visit.

Why ErasmusMC?
Erasmus Medical Center is the largest tertiary hospital in the Netherlands and has the only salivary gland center with all treatment modalities for benign diseases of the salivary gland. We also have one of the few lithotryptors of Europe.

Our city Rotterdam is a large city with inhabitants of 175 different nationalities. We are therefore familiar with patients with different languages and cultures. We are keen to welcome you at our team and in our beautiful city!

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