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Student projects and Vacancies

We are always looking for talented people at all career steps. If you are interested in our research, and would like to discuss possibilities, please feel free to contact the PI directly by sending a CV (t.barakat@erasmusmc.nl)

We have an open position for a bioinformatician (PhD student or postdoc) focusing on deciphering the non-coding genome involved in brain development and brain disorders. Prior experience with analysis of next-generation sequencing data-sets and interest in functional genomics approaches such as massively parallel reporter assays would be much appreciated. In case you are interested, please contact the PI directly, by sending an email to t.barakat@erasmusmc.nl
Your application should include: motivation letter, Curriculum Vitae including publication list, overview of courses and obtained grades during BSc, MSc or PhD, a copy of your best publication, and a minimum of two reference letters.