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Short Curriculum Vitae

Sam Riedijk, PhD
Assistant Professor and Medical Psychologist
Mail s.riedijk@erasmusmc.nl
 'Working in an academic hospital entails
providing patient care, being involved in
education, and conducting scientific
research. This cross-fertilization booms
with a wealth of inspiration, insights and

Current research projects

Project: ‘Enabling informed opinions about human germline editing’ (2018)
Role: Main applicant and project leader
Funding: applying in 2018, pilot data presented at EMPAG 2018.

Project: ‘Dealing with uncertainty in prenatal genomics: an international comparison study (2018)

Role: co-applicant
Funding: Small Grant in Humanities and Social Science Application: £26.758,- and SNIP grant EUR (small personal grant for starting up a multicenter research collaboration) €5.000,-

Project: ‘Towards an ethically robust scope of Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)‘ (2015)

Role: Co project-leader, Phd supervisor (PhD student Iris Bakkeren)
Funding: ZonMW 70-73000-98-116 €100.000,-

Project ‘Broadening the horizon of non-invasive and invasive prenatal genetic testing; do pregnant couples want more?’ (2013)

Role: project leader, PhD supervisor (Phd student Sanne van der Steen)
Funding: Stichting Prenatale Screening Zuidwest Nederland €50.000,-

Research statistics

1st, 2nd and last authorshipsQ1 publicationsQ2 publicationsRg scoreH-index
75% (16/24)50% (12/24)33% (8/24)23.210

Relevant qualifications
2018Currently engaged in the SKO trajectory
‘Implementing affective education in the bachelor phase of the medical curriculum’
Graduation of first PhD student under my supervision
2017Academic Teaching Lab
Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs
2011RINO course: Couple therapy
2005-2009Phd study: ‘Burdening Care; a study on informal caregivers of Frontotemporal Dementia patients’
2004-to dateEmployed at Clinical Genetics department of Erasmus MC
1999-2004Clinical and Health Psychology. Thesis: ‘Hereditary Melanoma and predictive genetic testing: why not?’
at Leiden University Cum Laude
2002Successfully completed Honors Program ‘From Genotype to Phenotype’ at the Faculty of Social
Sciences, Leiden University
Current memberships 
2015-2020 Co-chair of the European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics scientific program
committee (SPC)
Member of the European Society of Human Genetics SPC 
2012-present Member of the community genetics network 
Member of the workforce familial tumors of the Dutch Society of Psychosocial Oncology.